I thought I would talk a little about myself and my reason for starting this blog. I am currently at University, living in a different country from my parents who are in France and myself in Scotland. Being a student is pretty tough, there is so much to think about like doing your washing, food shopping, studying, a part-time job, being sociable, trying not to live on just fast food and alcohol but trying to stay on track of a healthy and happy lifestyle. I find that these are the years where depression and low self esteem can kick in, which is what we’re all trying to avoid.

I am a rather reserved person and like to do my own thing. On this blog I am going to try and show you that there are so many things in life that can contribute to a healthy and happy life. This is for myself to remind me of all the good things life can offer and also for you guys.

Couple of main topics of the blog will be food/nutrition and fitness. When I was sixteen I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease named Scleroderma that affects the skin, I currently have it on my arm, hand and leg all down my left side. The current status of it is that it is not active and this is partially due to my diet changed. Six months ago I decided to take gluten out of my diet and I can honestly tell you I have seen some amazing results from hairs growing back on my skin where the disease was to less seizures in my hands. I want to show you that changing your diet and lifestyle can really aid your body. However, I am still on medication for now just because the illness ‘could’ return and the doctors do not want to risk it and want to wait a little while longer to be sure of no more activeness. Fitness and exercise is also a key element to a healthy life from running to yoga. Physical activity can really stimulate a more positive mindset.

I know I am going to have a lot of fun writing this blog and hope you will enjoy reading it.

Have a lovely day!

H xx