Over the Christmas holidays I got the chance to go to Tenerife with my boyfriend and his parents. It was really lovely and nice to see the sun again! I had been to Tenerife before but I was much younger and to be honest I do not remember it.tenerife7

There are lots of things you can do! I stayed in a hotel of small apartments near La Playa de Las Americas. It was a perfect location with the beach not too far away. The beach itself is really lovely and has dark sand which is almost black due to the island being a volcano. The water was really nice too and there were many spots to go and sit to watch the waves and the sunset which I did a couple of times.

Food is unreal. There are so many restaurants to choose from. But I do have to warn you that you will probably have chips at every meal! Chips seem to come with everything. In the end I just left the chips on the plate because I simply could not face another one. But the food was decent, they did everything you could want like omelettes, chicken, burger, salad, fish, etc… The portions were rather extreme though and were double the size of my usual portion but I kept telling myself I was on holiday! The food is also extremely cheap, it is actually insanely cheap which is always a bonus! Also, if you love ice cream you’re gonna love Tenerife! There is an ice cream shop that does 100 different flavours! It was like heaven!

For activities, we went a couple of times to a water slide park called Siam Park that has water slides and a little beach with a wave simulator. It is a great day out! I have to admit that I am a little bit of a scaredy cat anyway and a few of the slides got my blood pumping but it is so much fun! There is also a lazy river that was perfect for me! But it is definitely a must try!

There is also a mall called Siam Mall and inside are all the shops you could want. I went there a few times to browse and to shop (ALOT) and it was perfect. It also has a big super market which was handy. They have shops like Zara, Mango, Pandora, Pull & Bear, H&M and many more.

A few other things we did were getting our feet nibbled by fish and it actually makes your feet super soft! It is the weirdest feeling on your feet though but well worth it! Then my boyfriend and his brother went jet skiing and loved it apart from my boyfriend was driving and was going too fast for his brother who was getting thrown about the place haha. There is also a zoo that I went too and was a good day out. It was high up meaning that it had a really good view too.

It’s great for any active people too. The mountains are far away but not too far if you fancy a hike. Also, for running there are lots of routes! My boyfriend and I ran along side the beach and it was really lovely!

Overall I had a really great time and will most likely go back there again. Anyone heading to Tenerife soon, have a wonderful time!

H xx



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