Peanut butter energy balls

Hi guys!

So Christmas is over and the new year is just beginning! So here’s to starting a healthy new year with these yummy energy balls!

This recipe is inspired by my sister who showed me the energy balls she made out of peanut butter. They are too good to keep for myself! But if you like peanut butter, this is definitely for you!


. 2 big tablespoons smooth peanut butter

. 1.5/ 2 teaspoons maple syrup

. 2 big tablespoons shredded coconut bits

. 2 teaspoons cacao powder

. Put everything in a bowl and mix together.

. Make around 5 energy balls

. Enjoy!

For those wanting a little more chocolate you can add a tiny bit of Nutella or your own hazelnut spread! Yum!

These are perfect to take out and about with you!

Happy new year everyone and have a lovely day!

H xx


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