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Bordeaux Shopping, Christmas Market, Great Food…

Hi guys,

So my family actually lives in the south west of France, not too far from Bordeaux which is a beautiful city! I’ve recently gone back to France for the christmas holidays and whilst I am here we visited Bordeaux. It is honestly one of my all time favourite places to go to. The architecture is simply sublime and there are so many shops it’s unreal!


One of my favourite restaurants is also here called ‘L’Entrecôte’ which is situated near the city centre and serves steak and chips and that’s it. To start you get a beautiful salad with a lovely dressing that is followed by the main attraction, the steak and chips. They ask you how cooked you want it and it comes with a magnificent sauce that they do not share the recipe to and a mountain of thinly sliced chips. It is honestly so good! If you’re in Bordeaux you definitely have to go!


Then we went shopping and they have places like Zara, Mango, Sephora, H&M, New Look, etc. They have lovely patisseries too and jewellery boutiques. The whole shopping experience is so wonderful because the buildings are so nice! Most shops are down La Rue Sainte Catherine, which is a very long road busy with shops and people.

The Christmas market is also on at the moment. It is so beautiful with the little huts selling jewellery, food, gifts, drinks and many more things. It’s such a charming little place. bordeaux7

I do recommend going in summer time too! There is a place sat infant of the river where they spray little fountains and the kids run around in it and have a great time, as do the adults.


Other things to visit is the Grand Hotel, now I can’t actually afford anything in there but it is so stunning! I usually pretend to be a guest and use their toilets ha! But it is so nice to walk in and have a look at its grand elements. Also, the Opera House is fabulous! You can watch a show there and sit back and enjoy some opera!

Basically if you’re ever in the area, it is definitely something to go see and do!

Let me know if you’ve ever been before or plan on going.

H xx


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