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Edinburgh Christmas Market

Hi everyone!

So I had a wonderful time in Edinburgh a few days ago. It was so wonderful and so magical. I fell in love with all the lights from the christmas market and the place itself. If you’re near by, go to Edinburgh! You won’t regret it!


My boyfriend and I first went to the castle sat onto of the hill and overlooking the whole of Edinburgh. It was so wonderful and the view is fabulous! It was a little cold, so you do want to wrap up warm. Also if you are wanting to visit the castle properly inside you do have to pay for a ticket, but honestly it’s worth it!

We then walked all around Edinburgh trying to find a free table in three different Wetherspoons (who by the way now do a gluten-free menu!). But in the end we ended up in Nando’s, which I cannot complain about!


By then it had gotten darker and we headed to the christmas market, which is the best time to go despite it being busy you really get the christmas atmosphere with all the lovely lights and smell of food and mulled wine. The Christmas market is actually on three different levels with so many little cute huts with lots of things to buy. We bought quite a bit of food including chocolate covered strawberries! Also, at the very bottom is a maze of little trees that are lit with fairy lights, it is like a dream.









So if you’re near by check out the christmas market in Edinburgh and Edinburgh in general. It is such a lovely place and the people are so nice!

Have a lovely day guys! And if you do go to Edinburgh have a fab time! We certainly did!


H xx


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